Wicked N' Bad 2

Wicked N' Bad 2

Over the weekend we saw the return of Wicked N' Bad with a MMA fight between bodybuilder Armz Korleone and Music Mogul Bouncer Play Dirty as the main card alongside a boxing battle between Likkleman and Wopke, where Likkleman put his World Title on the line. The fight took place at a secret location in Bolton, with tickets being invite only. Kris from Boxing Highs was able to attend and got a first-hand look at the two big fights.

Let’s first learn a little about the fighters. Armz is a natural bodybuilder with over half a million followers on Instagram, where he shares his impressive training regime and exciting lifestyle. Bouncer on the other hand is the CEO of Krept and Konan’s Play Dirty Music, Wicked N' Bad & newly released Wicked N' Bad Energy. Bouncer is also Muslim and trained for the entire fight throughout Ramadan twice a day!

Bouncer who was in and out of prison for a decade used faith and boxing to help him turn his life around. He was able to create one of the largest unlicensed streams in fight history the first time around. This time he was trying to mirror how the U.S. has used post pandemic fighting and give the fans what they want, a fight. 

The fight initially began to gain momentum when Armz commented on a boxing training video of Bouncer and stated, bouncer couldn’t last long in any fight. Bouncer responded with “I’ll smack you up any day of the week, don’t get it twisted.” From there, the beef between the two and their followings were ready for them to settle it in the ring. 

The co-main paired two four foot tall fighters in Likkleman and Wopke. Likkleman turned to a life of gangs and crime at a young age, he was sentenced for burglary but while in prison gained support from boxers and music stars which helped him amass a huge following whilst still in prison! In March of 2019 he was released and trained with pro boxers such as Conor Benn.

Likkleman a prison influencer, now turned boxer and born fighting to survive was ready for Wopke. Wopke had his fighting style influenced by Muhammad Ali and is very offensive when it comes to boxing. He had dreams of becoming world champion and taking the title from Likkleman also known as Baby Tyson.

Onto the fights. First up Likkleman vs Wopke. A thriller of a first fight. The first five rounds had some good punches and fireworks. Likkleman stalked his opponent early and often. Always keeping his opponent in Wopke on his back foot. He was able to use his jab and head slips very well to keep his opponent off balance. After 6 rounds of brilliant boxing the fight went to the judges' score cards with the end result being a 54-60 unanimous decision in favour of Likkleman.

Between the undercard and the main card, viewers experienced a live performance from K-Trap, DoRoad & Kwengface as well as spoken poetry from Telixia Inico.

Now, the main event. A five round fight and each round consisting of three minutes. The fight had ground and pound, defensive prowess, and plenty of excitement for both fighters. Bouncer used great ground control early on and kept Armz from getting to his feet. Bouncer continued his ground work throughout the middle rounds and you could tell both fighters were exhausted going into the final round. Even the announcers were impressed with their stamina abilities in the ring. Bouncer used a perfect game plan and controlled more top position in the final round. At the end of the day the judges crowned Bouncer Play Dirty as the victor. He was worn down but proud of the effort, the win, and building of his new platform.

After Bouncer Play Dirty was announced winner of the bout he called out former rugby union player James Haskell.

The fight although entertaining and well displayed will always have its naysayers about these types of fights in pro sports. But as one of the first post pandemic events in the area, it was much needed. A feeling of getting back to normal for many and a showing of things to come. The argument for these events is that it draws in a large number of fans who without these fighters would have never seen Boxing/MMA in the first place.

Now we eagerly await Wicked N' Bad 3 where fights are already making themselves with the likes of Freezy Macbones vs Vic Santoro which was caused by a confrontation outside the venue in Bolton.

Did you watch these two fights? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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