Reach the height of your ability.
Improving is an uphill battle

Boxing is a high intensity sport – all your effort, all your practice, all your emotions culminate in that ring. Two people enter, and one leaves. One reaches a new height, and the other is brought down low.

Boxing Highs is all about the boxers who know that every little effort – every additional practice, every 2-degree form shift, every aspect of their training makes a difference in their performance. For boxers, we alleviate at least one concern: clothing.

You want high-quality apparel, the kind that’s comfortable and versatile, and holds up over a long period of intense training, built and optimized for athletes. Improving is an uphill battle, but it’s easier when you Embrace The Highs.

#Boxinghighs Champions

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Ashton Sylve


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Vladimir Myshev


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Shokran Parwani


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Jonny Mansour


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Juan Velazquez Jr

@ juanvelazquezjr

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Jalen Walker


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Daniel Malik


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