The Day In the Life of a Boxer

The Day In the Life of a Boxer

Boxing is like no other sport. It’s not only brutal on the body but on the mind. For many it’s not just a lifestyle change, it’s simply life. Our article today will go over how someone prepares and lives the boxing life, how they train physically, their nutrition and the path they take to get to the top.

Some do it to protect themselves, while others go for glory and legacy. We must look into how one gets started in the fight life and where it all begins.

For many, boxing is a chance at a way out and a new life. It all starts with discipline, learning the ropes/fundamentals, and knowing someone simply doesn’t just go professional. Most work their way up from training at a young age and competing on a local or National level. Events such as the Golden Gloves and the Olympics are two such events. Others pick it up later in life and must make adjustments to their current lifestyle.

Once you are ready for the limelight you need to be licensed and pass a physical test. You also need a team ranging from Cornermen, to trainers, and promoters. Many think sports can be easy money but in 2017 boxers earned a median of $51,000 a year. However, if you can become big enough the paychecks of the Mayweathers and Lomachenkos of the world can be achieved and at that level, you decide your pay.

Training is of utmost value to an up and coming boxer. Days are long and gruelling, while nights consist of rest and getting as much recovery as possible. A boxer will have his normal consistent life and then they also have 8-16 week training camps that run up to the fight.

Running early and often is one of the biggest training aspects. Secondly a fighter must let their body heal because there will be injuries or tweaks during training but going into the fight 100% is key. Weight training is usually done at the beginning of camp and only to a point. You don’t want to bulk up too much and affect things such as weight and movement.

Once stamina is built up through cardio and shadow boxing, then the sparring begins. Extensive sparring sessions will help prepare a fighter for their opponent in the ring. As camps come to an end staying active but not overly aggressive will help the body be ready for fight night.

An amateur and professional may even have different workouts. For example, an amateur could be training 5-6 days a week and working different groups of muscles daily. Mornings consist of conditioning and evenings work on specifics to boxing. An example week could be Monday-speed endurance, Tuesday- Strength, Wednesday-speed, Thursday-basketball, Friday- endurance, Saturday- endurance, and Sunday- rest. 

Professional boxers workouts range 3-5 hours a day and are usually five to six days a week. Maximizing skills and conditioning is key. Lots of bag work, strength training early on before camps, stamina, and sparring are big for professional bouts. A weekly routine may look like this: Monday- jump rope, sipped bag, sparring; Tuesday- weights and running; Wednesday-shadow boxing and heavy bag; Thursday- rope and speed bag; Friday- weights and running; Saturday- shadow boxing and sparring; Sunday- rest.

What May be even more important for a fighter is their nutrition during training camp and leading up to the fight. Water needs to be consumed at greater levels to help with detoxifying the body and keeping it clean.

If you are cutting carbs out this will help with daily function and keep from irritating the body with the influx of protein. Healthy proteins, fruit, and vegetables will help with recovering as well. It’s all unique to the fighter at hand.  Most do small meals throughout the day and calories are at a minimum but the body will need calories to burn for energy. Nutrition will help make or break a fighter.

The body and mind, along with a great team will lead to greatness. Boxing as a science, an art, and life is an ongoing battle. Grinding through tough hours in the gym, amateur fights, injuries, and more will make the fight or flight in a boxer.

You have to push yourself to learn, create, observe, and experiment to achieve greatness. It is not a one day, month, or year endeavour. It is a Journey.


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