Sauna Suits: Pros & Cons and How to use them

Sauna Suits: Pros & Cons and How to use them

Sauna suits have come a long way from the days of wearing a trash bag to workout. They have upgraded technology within them and have now been turned into a great designed suit to increase any workouts intensity. A sauna suit by nature is made of waterproof fabric that is closed off at the wrist, neck, and waist. This is to retain heat and moisture within the suit. We will look over what makes todays sauna suits so great, how they can increase and improve a workout, and to make sure you do not over do it while using them.

A sauna suit is designed to increase performance, lose weight, burn fat and help lose water weight quickly. A rubberized lining and straps help retain comfort and heat. These suits are fully flexible and help the body achieve muscular hypertrophy. Suits are usually anti-rip and tear resistant. They can also be easily cleaned after any type of workout. The suit induces sweating like you are wearing a sauna on your body, hence the term, sauna suit. Sauna suits have been widely used by professional athletes to drop weight and to do it fast. But anyone can use a sauna suit to their advantage if it’s done the right way. Durability and light but flexible material are two of the most important things when considering a sauna suit. Another factor to consider is to make sure the suit is breathable in ways so that it retains heat to make the body sweat but gives the body a way to ventilate itself. Without this, overheating can become a factor to the person using the suit. Elasticized cuffs are a must to help retain the heat at a solid rate for suits that have a looser fit. Finally, you may want to wear close fitting clothes under the suit to help retain and capture the sweat, so that you do not get uncomfortable during a workout.

Sauna suits do many things but most importantly they improve a person’s workout. Some typical improvements when using a sauna suit over time can range from boosting metabolism, removing lactic acid, quick weight loss, improvement of circulation, and promoting detoxification. Although sauna suits sometimes get a bad rap for the rapid weight loss, they do have multiple advantages to those training. Long term weight loss can be achieved at a higher rate if used for a prolonged time and studies have shown a large boost in metabolic rate. One of the biggest benefits in our eyes would be detoxifying the body at the beginning of a training camp. The best way to rid the body of unwanted toxins is to sweat and the sauna suit establishes that. Since the body will heat up at a higher rate, then warm up times are reduced, and muscle flexibility can be obtained much quicker. One of the final huge advantages of a sauna suit is how the suit reduced lactic acid (muscle soreness) during post workout recovery. The heat therapy of the suit will keep the muscles from overworking and getting small tears like you would in a normal workout.

With any workout equipment it is also important to review the cons as to make sure you use the product appropriately. A sauna suit is no different and needs to be used with caution. The main things are do not overdo it and hydration. Large amounts of water will be lost due to sweat when using a sauna suit, thus you need to rehydrate with water before, during, and after a workout. Also, a workout may need to be shortened due to the high temperatures the body will achieve and the amount of sweat your body is losing. The first time you use a body suit you may want to limit a workout to about 15 minutes and evaluate your body, then as time goes on you can extend your workouts accordingly. Along with water someone using a sauna suit needs to regulate their electrolytes, minerals, and vitamin intake, as all of these will be lost during an intense workout. The most important thing when training with a sauna suit is DO NOT OVERTRAIN. There are so many advantages listed above but they will all be negated if you overtrain and do not listen to your body.

The sauna suit is an ever-changing technology and is extremely safe when used correctly. Even better news is that we here at Boxing Highs have our own sauna suits for training. They utilize the above technologies and are available at a great price. Check them out on our webpage or at the bottom of this article.

Remember to rehydrate and to not overtrain while using this product. If used correctly you could improve things such as boosting metabolism, recovering lactic acid, quick weight loss, improvement of circulation, and promoting detoxification. All these things lead to a better workout and improved training camp, so don’t delay and give our sauna suits a try.


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    Sauna suits are evolving and safe when used right. Sauna suits can help you shed water weight through sweating, leading to a temporary reduction in body weight. This can be particularly useful for athletes looking to meet specific weight class requirements.

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